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The Bomb Life 101: Mother’s Day Advice from My Mom

So we prepared a fun Mother’s Day Post over on Fashion Bomb Daily. I was going to have the staff and I dive in with advice from our mother’s, but decided against it! Still, I interviewed my mom just for fun.

My mom is a bookworm and every time I talk to her, I leave with a list of books and documentaries I should read. Sweet but feisty, she always pushes me to be my best.
Behold her thoughts:

What is the best advice you’ve ever received from your mom?
“She always prayed for every thing that I did. She was my best fan. She would give me a lot of praise. Even when I was 60-years-old and I came home with a project I had done for a class, she said, “that must have been the best project anyone did.” It was the small things. She was always someone you could rely on and has your back. She always gave me a sense of security. I always had that sense of her there. She’s like a rock. If nobody else in this world liked me, she had no other choice. I told her that, too.”
What is the best fashion advice you’ve ever received from your mother?
“I gave her fashion advice. I used to dress her up. She was open to being my guinea pig.”

What life advice would you give to me?
“Try to be more understanding of people. Don’t judge people based on who you are. But try to see it from their point of view.”

What style advice do you have for me?
“It may be in the genes, [but you are pretty fashionable]. You’ve been around fashion a little bit more than I have. Keep it simple. Simple is better. Try not to be too outrageous.”
Fine, mom!!
There you have it! What sayings/advice does your mom give to you?
Enjoy your days!
Love & Light,

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