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The Bomb Life 101: Finding Your Purpose

So I’ll admit it. While I love to indulge in Love and Hip Hop and Real Housewives, I now spend a lot of time watching the greats via YouTube. OBVIOUSLY one of my faves is Queen Oprah. Below, she spoke to Stanford students on Finding Your Purpose in Life and Living Your Dream. It’s a must watch.

The most poignant point that stood out to me was when she said, “When You Align Your Personality With Your Purpose No One Can Touch You.” True indeed. But most of us go through life not knowing what our purpose on this earth IS. That’s the hard part.
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How do you find it? I’d suggest dialing back to your younger years and pinpointing what your passion was then. For me, I was always an avid writer and reader. Because I went to majority white schools all my life, I was always a proponent of diversity, and making sure that ALL students felt included and part of the fold and fabric of the community.
And lastly, I’ve always loved to shop. I fused three erstwhile passions and created my own job. My purpose is to push the culture forward, promoting diversity and inclusion through fashion writing. Boom.
Cocktails with Claire-DC
The personality meeting your passion is another challenge. I literally was always afraid to speak up in class. I was well liked, but I wasn’t into being popular. Some things you have to develop over time and just realize that when life is handing you an opportunity, you either step up or step down. I choose to step up.
Cocktails with Claire-DC
At any rate, this post is to encourage you to find what your PURPOSE is. Be still. Think about it. Then go about making the world a better place.
You receive in direct proportion to how and what you give.
Cocktails with Claire-DC
And…one more thing. Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives is fun. We all love to relax. But what you put out is also in direct proportion to what you put in your brain. So make time to study the greats. Watch every interview someone you admire has done. It can only help push you further in the direction you want to go. Food for thought.
Love & Light,

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