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The Bomb Life 101: Conquer the Fear of Flying aka Overcoming the Fear of Becoming Your Best Self

I’m on planes and in and out of airports constantly, traveling at least 2 weeks out of the month to attend speaking engagements, panels, and events.
But regardless of how many times I’ve successfully taken off and landed, I still can’t shake the subtle fear that this huge hunk of metal will plunge out of the sky and careen to earth, leaving myself and all I’ve created in a charred mess on the ground.
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Every time the plane hits the runway, I say a prayer. I actually don’t start breathing normally until we’re at cruising altitude. When we’re getting ready to land, I just hope the pilot sticks in. But even with trepidation, I board the flight because I have to. If I don’t get on and swallow my fear, I won’t be able to fulfill my obligations or move forward in my career.
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I just returned from Houston, where I attended Black Enterprise’s Entrepreneurship Conference, sponsored by Nationwide. I participated on a panel about how technology can change your business for the better (official pix to come). Afterwards, I popped by a luncheon that gave awards to amazing entrepreneurs, while also offering advice to the self starters in the room. But instead of fully focusing on the speeches and the awards recipients, I was on my phone doing Instagram posts about Male Rompers. Yeah.
When I was preparing my keynote with my speech coach a few days ago, I paused our session briefly to do the same thing. She said, “You can’t get to where you want to go and accomplish your big vision if you are still doing small tasks. You have to delegate. You have to let go.” I take comfort in the small tasks because that’s what I’ve been doing for 10 years. But I must realize that in order to truly soar, I have to let go. I have to fly.
Allowing people or finding someone to take care of your baby is hard. Trusting that they will see your vision and make you proud is supremely difficult. But just like boarding a plane, I gotta just say a prayer, hold my breathe, and have faith that the good Lord will lift me to the heights destined for me…and that I won’t crash and fall from the sky.
I can’t be stuck on the ground doing small tasks. I have to conquer the fear of flying, also known as the fear of becoming your best self. Half of the battle of being an entrepreneur is having the right mindset. One of the greatest tests is getting out of your own way and your own thoughts so that you can fulfill your biggest potential.
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