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Finance & Finance: Save Up For Items On Your Lust List (Don’t Steal; Reflections on the Clermont Twins, SimplicityxStyle, and More)

Yesterday morning, we reported that Shannade Clermont of the Clermont Twins was arrested for allegedly stealing a dead man’s identity and using his credit cards to spend thousands on clothes, rent, and flights. This incident is the 2nd time I’ve heard of women we’ve featured on Fashion Bomb Daily being arrested for stealing–seemingly all for the love of labels and the limelight. One of the most talked about cases featured was one of my favorites, @SimplicityxStyle, who was submitted by…

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Bomb Life 101: Be Patient and Trust Your Journey + If One Method Doesn’t Work, Try Another

It’s been two months, but it looks like we have finally had somewhat of a breakthrough with our Instagram situation! It’s been 2 months of anxiety, stress, shifts, and transitions, but I am happy to say that we have a glimmer of hope and our situation will hopefully be resolved soon. We were doing things one way for 8 weeks, and one shift in strategy, and we’re back in the game. I’ll be honest: I felt totally discouraged. I felt…

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Ask Claire: How Do You Stay Optimistic with Fashion Bomb Daily Down? 5 Ways I Stay Positive in Dark Times

Today, we have an “Ask Claire” Query! @Zudoaririkameishi types, “If It’s not too much to ask, with the removal of FBD, how do you stay motivated with such a big piece of yourself and brand being taken away? Major love and peace to you Miss Sulmers!” Major Peace and Love to you! I’ll be honest, it’s been a REALLY tough month. An issue I thought could be resolved in a week or so is dragging on, and a major part…

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5 Things I Do Every Morning To Set the Stage for Success

Starting your day off on the right foot sets the stage for success in life. Behold, 5 things I do every day to get my day going: 1. Listen to or say an affirmation In order for the world to believe you are the bomb, you have to believe it yourself, first! So I start off every day with an affirmation. A sample goes, “Claire Sulmers, meet Claire Sulmers. She’s a big thinker, so think big about everything. You have…

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The Bomb Life 101: How to Be a Great Mentee (How to Build a Great Mentor/Mentee Relationship)

Happy Thursday, folks! The other day, one of my mentors, Kim, posted a picture of us laughing with the following caption, “There are moments in life when you meet people and immediately see the next generation of leaders. When @clairesulmers introduced me as her mentor at a holiday party, I could not have been prouder of not only her, but me as well for seeing something special in her in the very beginning. I know success when I see it!…

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