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Live to Please Yourself (You Can’t Please Everyone): Wearing Kenzo and Alice + Olivia

I am dipping my new blonde head in to tell you to live to please yourself, not anyone else. When I posted my new hair on IG, here, Fashion Bomb Daily, and Youtube on Friday night (I was busy, lol), I resigned to just post the images then grab a glass of wine and relax. I refused to pay attention to the comments because even if people hated it, there was nothing I could do. I had made my decision…

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1 In Bomb Life 101/ Claire's Life/ Gianvito Rossi/ Kenzo/ Style/ Zara

NYFW Is Approaching and I’m Unprepared! Wearing a Zara Turtleneck, Kenzo Scuba Skirt, and Gianvito Rossi Black and White Pumps

So New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow. Flashback a few years ago and I would’ve had my special #NYFW rack already erected with my outfits carefully planned out. A color coded schedule would have populated my desk. My couch would be piled high with accessories. But this year–nada. Maybe I just have too much going on! Or maybe I’m a little more relaxed these days. Maybe I have less to prove. One would think that after 10 years, I’d have…

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3 In Claire's Life/ Equipment/ Jimmy Choo/ Kenzo/ Style/ Travel

Lagos Style Diary Day 2: An Equipment Blue Button Down Shirt, Kenzo Printed Skirt, and Jimmy Choo Sandals

So I received my bag yesterday!!! I was overjoyed (catch my victory dance on Snapchat before it disappears)! Afterwards, we had a celebratory lunch of Egusi Soup and Pounded Yam at Terra Kulture. Then, Pierre and I ventured out to the market to do a shoot. When Pierre and I first drove past the market that morning, it was empty, so shooting there seemed like a great idea. By the time we got there, it was hustling and bustling. Imagine…

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3 In Claire's Life/ Kenzo/ Style

Milan Fall 2015 Style Diary Day 2: A Kenzo Embellished Sweater and Matching Skirt

On Day 3 of Milan Fashion Week, I wanted to make a statement, so slipped on a Kenzo Embellished Sweater and a Matching Skirt: My Casadei pumps have been popping! And when you travel, you need to use your pieces as much as you can. No oversized bag charges for me! A silver purse and my Day 2 look was done. I don’t have Pierre with me, but have had lots of luck asking blogger friends to take pix for…

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2 In Claire's Life/ Jimmy Choo/ Kenzo/ Style

Thanksgiving Style Diary: A Blue Kenzo Sweater, Blk DNM Leather Skirt, and Jimmy Choo Suede Pumps

Today I’m really in blogger struggle mode. It’s that time of the year when I get almost chronic eye infections from my contact lenses. Today, because I left my lenses in too long, I’m working with two blurry, red, tearing eyes, as I stare at the computer screen, barely able to hold my gaze. But…I’m still blogging! I’m actually going to take a break for a bit, but first: my latest outfit. Bold blue is one of my hot colors…

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