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Letter from Claire Sulmers: The State of Diversity in Fashion; My Response to Kerby Jean Raymond vs. Business of Fashion

Is Diversity in Fashion a trend? In some ways, it is. I’ve been writing about and documenting issues of diversity in fashion (interspersed with celeb style of course) for over a decade now. I remember back in July 2008, when Vogue asked, “Is Fashion Racist?“ One of the opening lines of the piece included someone rolling their eyes, asking, “Are we still talking about this?” Yes. Yes we are. Because fashion can be racist. Yes, sadly, we still have a problem. Pyer Moss designer Kerby…

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Why @Revolve ‘s #RevolveAroundtheWorld and Other Influencer Trips Lack Diversity (And How You Can Feel Empowered)

Happy Monday, folks! It’s days like these I miss, but have no fear! It will most likely be back up with a fresh face before the end of the month because I simply can’t stray for too long. At any rate, I received a DM earlier this morning from @NuYorkDreamer who sent the following picture from @Revolve ‘s #RevolveAroundtheWorld trip, writing, “Take a look at the comments on lack of diversity from Revolve and their bloggers. We need to…

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