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See you at Conversations and Cocktails with Claire DMV, tomorrow Sunday March 25th at MalMaison DC!

As I type, I am sitting in Ampeer Residences, procrastinating!!
Basically (what had happened was), I don’t have shiny shoes for tomorrow’s Convos with Claire event!

In my mind, I thought, “I’m the host! I can wear what I want!” But then again, I’m like…my name is on the event. Let me try to find some shoes. But of course, writing takes precedence, so here I am.
I’m taking today to relax. In some ways, I’m the most ‘zen’ I’ve ever been for any event in the past because I feel prepared. We’ve been planning this for months. I have an amazing event planner, and our line up of special guests is crazy (shout out to Diandre Tristan, Kenny Burns, Shateria, Paul Wharton, and Ashley & Khat of Hair Are Us). It’s about to be an amazing event.

Doing CWC has been challenging at times, but it’s taught me so much. After I did our first one back in 2013, I was sure that events were a waste of time and money. But taking on this challenge has taught me the importance of doing what may make you nervous, but going for it anyway.
When I tell you I always used to have nightmares about speaking in public…! To now MC’ing an event with my name on it?!? GOD will push you in ways you never imagined. Don’t fight it, just walk in your purpose. Go for it. Take a chance.

I’m gonna write JustOneMorePost.com then pop by a few shops, then rest up. I can’t wait to see some of you mañana! And if you’re reading this, benefit from the following code for 50% off general admission: CWC50. RSVP here.
Love & Light,

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