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Podcast This, Podcast That: Chatting The Bomb Life with Brooke Devard’s Naked Beauty

I’ve been doing lots of podcasts lately, spreading the good word about The Bomb Life!
My first twirl was with my new bestie Lonnie Bee, and then I stopped by my friend Brooke’s podcast, titled Naked Beauty. Pic above, listen below:

Whenever I listen to myself, I take notes i.e. stop saying “Mm Hmm”, keep the yelps to a minimum, etc. etc.
At any rate, it was so much fun!!
Madame Brooke suggested I start a podcast, and I am so down. I will make time to expand! Give me a few months…
At any rate, please let me know what you think:)
Love + Light,
*In the pic, I’m wearing a Godspeed Jacket, Tnemnroda shades, and an Ashaka Givens hat.

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  • Emzie K

    Listened to the whole podcast interview ! It was such a fun & yet informative interview . Cheers for the upload !