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Parisians are Conservative: Day 1 à Paris Wearing an Alexander Mcqueen Sweater Dress and Givenchy Boots

On my first day in Paris, I met up with some friends for brunch, then we walked to the Marais for even more revelry. For the day, I kept my look ‘simple’ in a sequin addled Mcqueen sweater dress and Givenchy boots.

I honestly had forgotten how conservative Parisians are. Yes, they are well dressed. I saw so many ladies slaying the streets today! But it’s about subtlety: neutrals like all black and all gray. The statement bag. Simple but pretty makeup. I guess I’m Caribbean and am ready to wear all the colors of the rainbow along with sequins and glitter at the same damn time.

It’s cool, just know that if you choose to be colorful or shine bright, you will get stares. I was asked if I was Janet Jackson. A hostess at a café reached out and touched the fabric. A group of men sang, “Waiting for Tonight,” as I passed by ( a tribute to Jennifer Lopez).

It’s not like New York where you can walk outside with underwear on your head, do the pop and lock to your boombox on the sidewalk and no-one bats an eye. People here will stare. Just be prepared!

Love & Light,

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