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0 In Claire Cares/ Claire's Life

Claire Cares: Speaking at Harlem Capital Prep + Lala’s Winter Wonderland with Joseph Sikora, Young MA, Lil Yachty, and More!

Before the Winter Holiday, I headed over to Harlem Capital Prep to speak to the students and also present them with the proceeds of our coat drive and wardrobe sale. Though I was a bit of a grinch this Christmas, nothing gave me greater joy than sharing my story with the school’s 235 students and also feeling their love and appreciation. I started my charity, Claire Cares, as a way to give back to the community via fashion programs and…

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0 In Balmain/ Bomb Life 101/ Claire's Life/ Style

Merry Christmas: Reflections on Christmas as an Adult in a Balmain Double Breasted Shearling Trimmed Suede Jacket From Net a Porter

Christmas used to be the most wonderful holiday of the year because of…presents. Christmas was that one time of the year when you were showered with gifts as far as the eye could see. I remember waiting for Santa with my brother, and creeping under the tree just after the stroke of midnight to see what delectable items I could unwrap. Barbies, Nintendos, and board games held court under that shiny paper that I took ultimate joy in ripping off.…

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3 In Bomb Life 101/ Claire's Life/ Hair

Hair Check: The Aftermath of the Big Chop (I Have No Idea What I’m Doing With My Hair)

I’ll admit that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with my hair. How could one expect me to? I literally didn’t touch a comb or brush for over 15 years. Dreads are WAY easier than the manipulation it takes with straight hair. Some days I love it. But today, as I’m readying to go to the airport, I’m like Damn. I’m gonna be THAT GIRL with that crazy, dry wig. I thank GOD for small blessings. One of…

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1 In Balenciaga/ Claire's Life/ Featured/ Sergio Hudson/ Style

2018: The Year of Magical Thinking; XO Necole’s Table of 20 Dinner Wearing Sergio Hudson and Balenciaga

Perhaps it’s the way Black Girl Magic is floating in the wind, or the spectacular strides we have been making in the past few months that unequivocally point to 2018 being the Best Year Ever. I’ve been pretty silent on The Bomb Life tip, just planning and strategizing. With an impending move, a new hairdo and a new attitude, I have lots of hope and faith for a better future. I have so many AMAZING things on the horizon, and…

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1 In Claire Cares/ Claire's Life

Claire Cares: Our Coat Drive at Harlem Capital Preparatory School

My last event for the year had a charitable bent: we had a coat drive and wardrobe sale at Harlem Capital Prep. I invited readers to come drop off coats for disadvantaged students to stay warm this winter. Readers stayed to shop Legendary and I’s closet, with proceeds benefitting the school. It was a casual Saturday, so I wore a Harvard sweatshirt (HU!!), gray jeans, and gray boots. I eventually switched into sneakers, because I was in there pushing boxes…

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