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Why @Revolve ‘s #RevolveAroundtheWorld and Other Influencer Trips Lack Diversity (And How You Can Feel Empowered)

Happy Monday, folks! It’s days like these I miss, but have no fear! It will most likely be back up with a fresh face before the end of the month because I simply can’t stray for too long. At any rate, I received a DM earlier this morning from @NuYorkDreamer who sent the following picture from @Revolve ‘s #RevolveAroundtheWorld trip, writing, “Take a look at the comments on lack of diversity from Revolve and their bloggers. We need to…

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7 In Claire's Life Is On (Temporary) Hiatus: Here’s Why

For the first time in 12 years, I have put on hiatus. On January 1st, I woke up. And I didn’t feel like running to my laptop and updating with posts you had already seen on Instagram. Nor did I feel like begging anyone to do it in my stead. I needed a break. And I figured most people go to Instagram anyway, so I just redirected everyone there. I have seen the numbers and the lack of comments…

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No More Fear in 2018: Reflections on Diddy’s New Year’s Eve Party 2017 in Muehleder and Christian Louboutin

“Closed mouths don’t get fed.” I’ve been a bit down the past few days. As many of you know, I was graciously invited to Diddy’s New Year’s Eve party in Miami. I spoke to a shook hands with DJ Khaled, Fabolous, Emily B, Lala Anthony, and so many more. But you’d never know it because…I didn’t take one picture (even though there was a sign outside that said no pictures, EVERYONE was in there taking pix). I even bumped into…

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Happy New Year! Demand the Best for Yourself Wearing L’Impasse Boutique and Dsquared2

Happy New Year, Bombers and Bombshells! I (like some of you I’m sure) am spending today recovering from a pretty epic night. I was graciously invited to Puff Daddy’s house last night for New Year’s. Ciroc, Deleon, and Ace of Spades were on deck, as were delicious bites and a great soundtrack. I didn’t take many pix because I was feeling a little…sweaty (it’s humid in MIA), BUT I did grab some great pictures during the day at Vizcaya, a…

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Best of 2017: Writing my First Book, Working with Revolt, The Breakfast Club, and more

The year is winding down! In just a couple of days, we will be ringing in 2018 with confetti and popped bottles. I thought it only fitting to countdown this year’s 5 highlights! In no particular order: 1. Writing My First Book: The Bomb Life Was I ready to write a book? Not really. But I knew that I wanted to write a lot of books in my lifetime, and that I had to start somewhere. Thus, The Bomb Life…

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