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2 In Claire's Life/ Givenchy/ Style/ Wardrobe Remix

One Shirt, Three Ways: How I Remixed my Givenchy American Dream Tank Top

So the point of this blog, and of you showing more of my looks, is to also show you how I repurpose items in my closet. I’ll admit: I do spend a pretty penny on clothing (Riccardo Tisci isn’t sending me bundles of free swag…yet), so I try to get the most mileage out of each piece! To whit, my $365 Givenchy American Dream Tank: Yeah, I know. Crazy amount to splurge on a tank, but I’ve gotten some good…

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0 In Claire's Life/ Givenchy/ Style

The Bomb Life: Talking 2014 Billboard Awards Fashion on 106 & Park’s Style File Wearing a Givenchy American Dream Tank and Confetti Print Skirt

Happy Tuesday! Life has been super busy the past few days! Yesterday, I flew back from Trinidad & Tobago (there are tons of pix to come!), and made my way to 106 & Park for my second appearance! I had had more than a few issues with Caribbean Airlines going to Trinidad, so I only hoped I wouldn’t have similar problems coming back! I got to 106 & Park by the grace of GOD, however. I almost missed my flight…

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7 In Claire's Life/ Stella McCartney/ Style

New York Style Diary: A Stella McCartney Floral Jacquard Blazer, Muehleder Signature Flare Skirt, and Jimmy Choo Purple Suede Greta Sandals

Happy Friday! I’m writing in from Trinidad, as I’ll be spending the weekend in Tobago for their Fashion Weekend! Life has been busy, which is always a good thing I guess! As soon as I step off the plane from Tobago on Monday, I’m headed to do my second stint on 106 & Park! But about this look! The other day, I had a series of fruitful meetings, so wanted to put on my ‘glam editor’ uniform. I paired a…

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18 In Bomb Life 101

The Bomb Life Motto: You Only Need One Yes

So I’ll admit: I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing with this blog! But as I aspire to write a book one day, I figured this might be a good platform to share a bit of knowledge that has served me well along my journey thus far. Today’s Bomb Life Motto: You Only Need One Yes. I’ll be honest: I’m looking to build Fashion Bomb TV. But doing Fashion Bomb TV is not easy. Securing talent can be…

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