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New Feature Alert: Ask Claire!

Happy Saturday!
So while Fashion Bomb Daily has certainly found its footing, I’m still striving to make The Bomb Life more interactive and engaging! For any new blog, it’s all about exclusive content–what can someone find on your site that they can’t find anywhere else?
Thus, I’m introducing a new Bomb Life Exclusive called: Ask Claire.
Every time I go to events, particularly those with aspiring bloggers, I get asked loads of questions about how to make a blog successful! I can’t meet all of you in person, so figured I’d take it to the Bomb Life to answer your queries in a thorough way.
ask claire sulmers fashion bomb daily blog questions
Before I inaugurate this fun feature, I’ll just let you know that a few things are off limits. Don’t ask about my personal life–let’s keep it professional!
LFW SSFEB 13 - 23

That said, eave your career related questions in the comments or shoot me an e-mail at thebomblife@gmail.com.
I’m excited–I hope you are, too!
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