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Never Say Never: I’m At Houston’s Marriott Marquis (Laptop Gate Concludes-Sort’ve)

As the popular Brandy song goes, “Never Say Never.”
Just as I vowed to never stay at a Marriott Hotel again, I realized that my gracious host for the Black Enterprise conference has booked me at…the Marriott Marquis in Houston.
I could have pitched a fit. I could have demanded an alternative. But instead, after my four hour flight, I walked up to the concierge and handed over my ID and credit card.
As I swiped my key, I thought, “Should I write a retraction?” The truth of the matter is: perhaps as a result of my post (or perhaps because it is their policy), Marriott has responded to my claim and is currently investigating (they asked for a receipt and for me to ship my laptop to their office in Dallas). Still no reimbursement for my damaged goods. Because I’m traveling, yet again, I had to buy a new rose gold MacBook Air, which I am using to write today (she’s cute).
Though my anger and frustration were justified, uttering the word ‘Never’ is tough, unless you have unlimited energy and resources. My energy could be better spent focusing on being the best panelist possible; my money better spent on something I really want or need. Most conferences I’m participating in this Spring/Summer are booked with the Marriott. They seem unavoidable.
I rarely use FBD or TBL to complain, so you know it was bad. And…I don’t regret anything I said because it was the truth. I was grossly inconvenienced through no fault of my own. My business was negatively impacted during the worst time possible…because of a negligent, liquid wielding housekeeper (full story here).
But that said, blogger and social media friends. Never say never. Life will throw you for a loop. Be flexible and malleable to anything that may present itself. The world is too unpredictable for absolutes.
Love & Light,

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