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My Azzedine Alaia Bombe Sandals Broke, #WhatisLife: Reflections on My Broken Bronx Heels Wearing an Anz Style Sweatsuit

The other night, I attended a party celebrating a new documentary called “The Remix: Women in Hip-Hop,” a film that looks at the lasting legacy and style of female MC’s.
The fete, hosted by MCM, skewed ‘urban,’ so I thought I’d go for relaxed for a change with an Anz Style sweatsuit, but kept my look ‘Claire’ with diamond jewelry and Azzedine Alaia heels.

Just as I hit my pose on the Step N Repeat, I felt a pop. I looked down and the strap on my Alaia sandals had detached from the shoe.

Between you and I, I was already over the party. It was raining, my name wasn’t on the list, and once my shoe broke, I was about done. But because I’m always able to pivot & shift, I just tucked the rogue strap into my pants and kept it popping. But once I got home, I had to sit and think: how did the strap on one of my most expensive pairs of shoes break?

Those of you who have been rocking with me for awhile undoubtedly remember my Tale of a Broken Heel, where I documented sashaying down 5th avenue in a pair of cheap black Bronx pumps that broke under the weight of my exertions. I was almost laughed off of the internet for buying cheap shoes and since then, I’ve invested in many pairs of haute heels.

Any fashionista worth her salt knows that Alaia shoes are the creme de la creme of footwear. They are pricey and I invested in a pair one Fashion Week a few seasons ago (my aptly named Bombe Sandals are going for $1,290 on Net a Porter). Ain’t that about a b*tcht to learn, many years later, that no matter how cheap or expensive, shoes break*.
A The Bomb Life lesson. The More You Know…
At any rate, the party was fun, and I kicked it with Ryan Leslie, Misa Hylton (who appears prominently in the film), Paul Wharton, and more.

Guess I’m just a hot stepper…
Love & Light,

*The difference between cheap and expensive shoes, however, is that I can definitely get my Alaia sandals fixed and will be able to wear them again. Not sure I would have been able to salvage those Bronx heels.

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