July 29th, 2014
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The Bomb Life British Virgin Islands Travel Guide: What to Do, Where to Stay, What to Eat
By Claire

So I just got back from the British Virgin Islands, and wow: I had a wonderful time!

I headed down for their Summer Sizzle fashion show, an annual display of international and local design talent. I actually co-hosted the show alongside Kenny Burns! But in between co-hosting, and being nervous about co-hosting said show, I found time to relax;)

Check out my quick rundown of what to see, what to do, and where to stay below:

1. How to Get There
The British Virgin Islands What to Do, Where to Stay, What to Eat American Airlines Fashion Bomb Daily Best Airline
I’d already had my run in with Caribbean Air flying to Trinidad & Tobago, so can say with confidence that flying American is a great way to go! American Airlines has daily flights to and from St. Thomas. From St. Thomas, you take a $10 taxi to a Ferry, then take a $40 ferry to wherever you’re staying in the BVI.

2. Where to Stay

kenny burns jessica burns taraji p henson claire sulmers giselle modests ashunta sheriff surf song poolhouse bvi
Fun at the Pool at Surf Song Villas

The last time I went to BVI, I stayed on Scrub Island, and honestly fell in love! So much so that I plan to get married there (when the time comes. LOL). Check it out:
scrub-island-pool fashion bomb daily american airlines summer sizzle
What I loved about Scrub Island were the villas, the infinity pool, the views, and the service. This time around, I stayed at Surf Song. And while Surf was lovely, it didn’t have a lot of the conveniences of Scrub, and my Wifi never seemed to work (death for a blogger).
In the end, I had a great time at both. If you want a more social atmosphere, go for Scrub. If you want a calm, beautiful hideaway with your family, and plan to cook, go to Surf. Up to you!

3. What to Eat
So while I was in BVI, I pretty much OD’d on Lobster Roti and Fried Chicken. While I heard lots of lore about Fish & Fungi (cornmeal with okra) with Mayonnaise Sauce, but never got to try it. Sounds delicious! I’d recommend seeing about linking up with someone local who can take you to a hot spot.

4. What to Drink
I did a lot more drinking than eating. LOL. I really enjoyed the Painkillers, Rum Punch, and Bushwhackers. They taste great, but pack a punch!

5. What to Do:
claire jumping into the ocean summer sizzle bvi 2014
BVI has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, so you definitely need to plan time to enjoy. I popped by Cane Garden Bay for one day. On another, we chartered a boat for a trip to the baths at Virgin Gorda (a place with large boulders protruding out of the sea).
claire sulmers taraji p henson ptosha storey kenny burns ashunta sheriff british virgin islands virgin gorda baths beach terry donovan summer sizzle bvi 2014
The boat trip is a must, but as I sit here with my neck peeling, I must encourage you to wear your sunscreen and put it EVERYWHERE, not just the obvious places;)
A few notes:
*The Caribbean is (obviously) not like New York or most American cities with a 24 hour mentality. If you want to eat late at night, you’ll be hard pressed to find spots, though we did indulge in a Fried Chicken stand that was delicious!
*Make sure your international data plans are in full effect. I basically had zero wifi at my villa at Surf Song, so had to use my Verizon HotSpot to blog! Even with my international plan in place, my bill is super high. Not sure how I could’ve avoided that, but: just make sure you brace yourself for a wild bill OR stay at a place with working Wifi.
*Aside from all that, the people in BVI were extremely friendly and accommodating. You’ll love it!
Boats British Virgin Islands
BVI is a lovely place, and I plan to make Summer Sizzle an annual trip! The event is totally open to the public, so you guys should mark your calendars for next year. Learn more about it here.
Have you been to the BVI? Share in the comments.
*Many thanks to Christina Rice and Terry Donovan for the amazing experience.

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7 responses to “The Bomb Life British Virgin Islands Travel Guide: What to Do, Where to Stay, What to Eat”

  1. […] is 100% open to the public. If you want to come back next year, learn more about it here. *Check TheBombLife.com for more about what to eat, see, and do in the BVI. *Many thanks to Christina Rice and Terry […]

  2. […] is 100% open to the public. If you want to come back next year, learn more about it here. *Check TheBombLife.com for more about what to eat, see, and do in the BVI. *Many thanks to Christina Rice and Terry […]

  3. Dobe says:

    Love it! You look like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. MsLea says:

    I’m a frequent traveler to the BVI. I vacation there at least twice a year, and last May marked my 24th visit there since 2002 so they’ve made me an honorary “belonger” LOL! It’s not like the more tourist-y islands such as Jamaica, Bahamas, etc. It’s more for relaxation and reconnecting with nature. You really feel like you’re getting away from everything. In other words, if you’re going to party, it won’t be your thing – unless there is an event or Carnival.

    I would recommend Cane Garden Bay for their quaint guesthouses/apartments and beach bars/restaurants for a true local experience. That’s usually my home base. You can rent a villa or stay in one of the upscale reorts. Smugglers Cove on the West End is an awesome beach – very secluded with no bars or restaurants.

    The best thing about BVI is the ability to island hop by boat or ferry. You can go to Virgin Gorda to the Baths as you experienced. Norman Island has a great restaurant and a floating bar called the Willie T. My favorite is Jost Van Dyke, where you can hit Foxy’s and the legendary Soggy Dollar Bar, home of the BVI’s official drink, the Painkiller.

    In January, you can attend Love City Live, a five day event which combines parties and a concert. In May around Memorial Day Weekend, they hold the BVI Music Fest in Cane Garden Bay and the Leverick Bay Poker Run in Virgin Gorda. I have yet to make it for Summer Sizzle but that may be in my plans next year. Glad you enjoyed! :)

  5. Vana says:

    Great pics Claire! looks like you had a ball.

  6. Margo says:

    Ahhh looks like so much fun! Like, I said you’re totes a cool kid, Claire! BVI is beautiful and I have no reason not to visit being so close to it as a FL girl. Thanks for sharing and I think Scrub is calling my name!

  7. Lavinia says:

    Your article pectrefly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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