May 11th, 2014
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The Bomb Life: The June 2014 Issue of People Style Watch Magazine + Perceptions of Curvy Women in Media
By Claire

Last Friday morning, before I officially ‘woke up’ I told myself: today is going to be a great blogging day.
And just like that: in addition to premiering great exclusive content with our latest episode of Fashion Bomb TV, I also found out that I’m featured in the June 2014 issue of People Style Watch!
People Style Watch Claire Sulmers Fashion Bomb Daily
But of course with every great piece of news (so many Fashion Bomb readers were super supportive–thankyou!!), there are always naysayers.
One reader, Cha Cha wrote, “I like Claire a lot and I love her in the first dress and definitely agree with her wearing fuller skirts but I do not think that sheath dresses or the loose shirts are for her. I agree with v necks but not in that loose shape. I am also very busty (though I’m also more hippy than her) and I don’t think she has truly learned to dress for her body yet. Especially in regards to the sheath isn’t flattering and I felt that same way when she wore that Kenzo sweatshirt in LA.”
1A Kenzo Tiger Embroidered Sweatshirt Dress, Melody Ehsani x Reebok Sneakers, and Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals
Ya know what? The more I share, the more I realize that I’m never going to get it right for some people. And that’s ok. Not to say I’m a fashion icon by any means! But I’m not stick thin. And even if I knock it out the park, I just won’t please everyone–perhaps because women in general aren’t accustomed to seeing women with curves represented in the media.
I’ve been told I ‘can’t’ wear so many things due to my bust size. You name it: crop tops, loose tops, tight tops, shirts buttoned all the way up, sheath dresses. Most critiques are entreaties for me hide, minimize, or camouflage my body.
2 Bloomingdales Aqua Suit Equipment shirt  Jimmy Choo lace up sandals Derek Blanks
Of course, I’m always open to suggestions–I don’t get it right all the time (who does?). But I also feel as if there’s this pressure with bigger women to run and hide instead of show and flaunt.
claire sulmers demestiks by reuben reuel kait bias peplum skirt fashion bomb daily claire sulmers essence black women in hollywood luncheon 2014
Mindy Kaling is, in some ways, my spirit animal. She and I are probably around the same size (a solid 10), and we both work out. Neither of us want to be skinny per se…and are ok with that. I absolutely love this interview she did with Jimmy Kimmel below:

To be a curvy woman in the spotlight is humbling. The world is telling you to conform, what you should and shouldn’t wear for your shape, and it’s hard not to succumb to the pressure (as I type, I’m almost paralyzed because I threw my back out at the gym! I’ve always worked out, though I’m learning that my diet could indeed use some tweaking.)
At any rate, here’s hoping that people like Mindy and I can encourage women to embrace and play up their shape. And also not to conform to the rules or succumb to the pressure of society telling you what you can or can’t wear.
Just do you! Keep it cute. And be happy;)

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4 responses to “The Bomb Life: The June 2014 Issue of People Style Watch Magazine + Perceptions of Curvy Women in Media”

  1. Nichelle says:

    Thank you so much for this post and the others you have done about body type…You’re right, no one gets it right all the time, but the fact that you have confidence to tastefully step out of your box and try things and actually have fun with fashion is so inspiring. Its also encouraging for women like me, who look like you body-wise and struggle with what does/does not work for their body. Please stay on the high, positive road that you are on…you are doing more good than you know.

  2. ann K says:

    Claire, I was so excited when I saw you in People. And so proud, I don’t know why but I was. I love your style and confidence. I might not be shaped like you, but you have taught me to embrace my assets. You looked awesome in that sheath dress, and that Kenzo dress is one of my favorites. Keep doing you Claire, you are making a difference.

  3. You couldnn’t be any more correct when you said, your style won’t be for everyone. And it is unfortunate that us women have certain mentalities simply because of the portrayal of mainstream media. I honestly see it everyday. What’s crazy is that you’re probably in better shape then lets say a size 4 woman. It’s obvious by your muscle build… Also, my culture praises women with bigger busts so I just can’t understand why it should prohibit anyone from dressing the way they feel comfortable. I won’t focus on the negative people but let me just say this. I’ve watched your style evolve into pretty much perfection. Like you really hit the nail with it all. What I’ve noticed about your style is that you’re very form fitting. All of your clothes fit you perfectly (something I struggle with) and your keen eye to prints and colors is quite impeccable. Keep it going boo! You got fans…and lots of em!

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