May 29th, 2014
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New York Style Diary: A Virgos Lounge Embellished Jacket, Raven Denim Shorts, and Saint Laurent Bone Heels
By Claire

I always sit on items, then bust ’em out a later date!
To whit, this Virgos Lounge jacket that I’ve had for at least a couple years. I decided to pair it with denim shorts and white pumps for a night on the town.
3 3-claire-sulmers-virgos-lounge-embellished-jacket-alexander-wang-tank-saint-laurent-white-pumps-fashion-bomb-daily-raven-denim-shorts
I offset the sequins on the jacket with CZ necklaces from J.Crew, CC Skye, and Rebecca Minkoff.
_claire-sulmers-virgos-lounge-embellished-jacket-alexander-wang-tank-saint-laurent-white-pumps-fashion-bomb-daily-raven-denim-shorts copy.jpg 0
White pumps and a white clutch, and I was done!
2 3-claire-sulmers-virgos-lounge-embellished-jacket-alexander-wang-tank-saint-laurent-white-pumps-fashion-bomb-daily-raven-denim-shorts
What do you think?
1 3-claire-sulmers-virgos-lounge-embellished-jacket-alexander-wang-tank-saint-laurent-white-pumps-fashion-bomb-daily-raven-denim-shorts
Images: Karl Pierre

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7 responses to “New York Style Diary: A Virgos Lounge Embellished Jacket, Raven Denim Shorts, and Saint Laurent Bone Heels”

  1. DeeFresh says:

    I love it! I am starting to get like that where I buy something but don’t necessarily wear it right away. I actually like the detailing of the jacket a lot.

  2. Love it! I like the dress down and dress up look together.

    Off topic: Claire I did a topic search on the web site and did not find anything. You have a host of bloggers visit FBD on a regular. I am new to the blogging world and I sometimes question myself about bloggers (those who write there on blogs) etiquette. Would you consider doing a post on the topic if you already have not?

  3. Claire says:

    @Wear Your Own Shoes Can you expound on what you mean? Not quite sure what the question is.

  4. Well I was asking you to consider doing a post on blogging etiquette but thought about the question after I clicked submit. It really has nothing to do with fashion!


  5. Rebecca says:

    This outfit reminds me of something Beyonce wore. Love the balance! I also like to wear shorts with jackets!

  6. Faith says:

    Found your website in the new issue of People Style Watch! Love your look here! totally fierce

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