February 16th, 2014
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The Bomb Life: How to Pack for the Winter London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week Circuit
By Claire

So…I overpack in general. I could be going to Atlanta for the weekend, and have 6 outfits, 5 pairs of shoes, 3 sunglasses, and all the accessories I own, jammed into one little carry on.
So, for Fashion Week, multiply that times 10!
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While summer/fall fashion week is relatively easy packing wise without the bulk of knits and outerwear, winter is a whole nother animal. For my trip on the European circuit, I’m packing 6 coats, 10 pairs of shoes, and more outfit combos than you can shake a stick it!
Here’s how I get it all on the plane:
1. Spacepaks from Flight 001
Flight 001 Spacepak System
I gotta admit: I was skeptical about using Flight 001’s Space Paks. The system is touted as reducing the bulk of your clothes, compressing them into reasonable sizes that are easy for packing. I’m happy to report that they work as advertised! Don’t expect to flatten your clothes into a paper thin sheet, but you can expect to put everything in one, compact place. It’s great for organization also! Place 2-3 outfits in each one to take the guess work out of getting dressed. These are Fashion Bomb approved!

2. Mix and match

Milly Skirt, Milly Top
milly skirt margiela top
Milly Skirt, Margiela Top

I’m not a famous personal style blogger. Designers aren’t sending me clothes to wear in each city…yet. So I must mix and match it up! Bring pieces that are simple yet jazzy enough to wear more than once. Think pussy bow blouses, black blazers, versatile skirts, and cool tees.

3. Check two bags.
claire sulmers fashion bomb daily bomb life likes to pack
I was playing thinking I’d check one big bag and bring a carry on. If you can check more than 1 bag at no cost, DO IT. You’ll have more space, and if you have room leftover, you can shop a bit;) My recommended combo is to bring two roller bags: one large suitcase, and one carry on. Get a duffel that can fit on top of your large bag as your 2nd checked option. Why? If you have to take the train or roll anywhere with your suitcases, you can do so easily just rolling both suitcases, with your other bags perched on top. Though I’ve purchased snazzy leopard and pink suitcases before, I’ve gotten the most mileage out of Travelpro suitcases. They’re durable, light, and affordable (you’ll never pay more than $200 or so). You can get them for a steal at Overstock.com.

4. Don’t worry too much about toiletries or underwear.
travel sized toiletries
The only toiletry you might not be able to find abroad easily is cocoa butter (though I know where to get Palmer’s Cocoa Butter in Paris–call me). Everything else: toothpaste, body wash, etc, can be picked up on the go. Of course bring your face products (I’ve got my travel pack from Walker’s Apothecary!), but don’t sweat everything else. I stay with friends, so I use their toothpaste! Also, note: when you’re leaving Heathrow airport in London, they are super strict about the number of 2 oz little bottles you bring (they give you this super small bag and you’re forced to put all your small liquids in them. They throw everything away and demand that most things have ‘2 oz’ written on them. It’s awful, obnoxious, and traumatizing). At any rate, bring the least amount possible or check them if you must. Ditto goes for underwear. Bring all the bras you’ll need, but you can always pick panties up on the go. The more you have in general, the better!

5. Pack what you can and buy on the go.
fashion bomb daily the net set net a porter the bomb life claire sulmers
By the time I get to Paris, everything’s dirty/has been seen before. Net-a-Porter is a great site to purchase stuff while abroad (they have speedy delivery in the UK). I also love Matches and Far Fetch while in Europe. They’re based over there, so it doesn’t take their wares as long to get to you, should you spy something on the fly.

6. Keep essentials in your carry on bag.
claire sulmers fashion bomb daily flight 001 checked bags spacepak
I’ve been separated from my bags twice, and it’s not cute! One time Lufthansa lost my checked bags for a day or so, and I had shows to attend–and absolutely nothing to wear. So here’s what to pack in your carry on: travel size liquids, makeup, pajamas, and all your undies. One full outfit, including shoes and a bag; one night look as well. In case you’re stuck without your bags, you can at least take a shower and change into something else (and even hit the club) until you can get your hands on the bulk of your stuff.
Those are my tips!
What are some of yours?
*Shop a few of my packing essentials here:

*I think I’m going to do a video about how to pack. Stay tuned!

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  1. Enigma says:

    Great tips, I think I might try the Flight 001 space paks.

  2. EJae says:

    Great tips Claire! I will bookmark this for future reference. As per usual, you look fab! That fur is everything!

  3. Dobe says:

    Awesome post! You’re really nailing these “How To” posts, and I love them!

  4. Margo says:

    Definitely, think putting the essentials in a carry on is key! Great tips, Claire!

  5. MB says:

    Even in that snow storm, you are a vision of beauty. Keep going, your voice is so necessary! Love the tips as well :)

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