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I’m Receiving Harlem’s Fashion Row’s New Media Award! Reflections on New York Fashion Week

Happy Tuesday (which feels like Monday!)!
I am excited to announce that I will be receiving the New Media Award at Harlem’s Fashion Row’s 10th Year Anniversary event tomorrow!

I have a whole speech prepared because I’m a huge dork (and should be practicing right now instead of writing). But I thought I’d reflect on New York Fashion Week a bit and what this award means to me.

Here I am ca September 2009 outside Bryant Park. LOL at the humongous Louis Vuitton Alma Vernis bag I got from Bag, Borrow, or Steal!

I remember having so much anxiety about the shows. Wishing for just one invitation. Praying for some sort of way in. Sure, I crashed a lot of gates. But once inside, I went to work as if I would never be in that room again. I took pictures with everyone in the room. I wrote a review (read my thoughts on BCBG’s Spring 2010 show here). I took street style. I was resourceful and persistent.

I was an outsider. No doubt about it! And at the advent of every fashion month, I still feel the same way. 10 years in and 1.2 million followers later, and I still am sometimes denied access to the top tier shows. I may never get a seat at their table! And that’s ok. I created my own table. And my community stands behind me.

Can I tell you it’s almost mind blowing to go from being that girl who wished with all her heart to be in fashion to be that woman receiving an award for her fashionable efforts?

I am humbled. I am honored. And I’m not done yet.
Thank you to everyone who reads The Bomb Life, dowdy stepsister to Fashion Bomb Daily. Thank you to everyone who reads Fashion Bomb Daily! Thank you to everyone who follows us on Social Media (our new home!). And thank you to Brandice and Harlem’s Fashion Row. I’ll find someone to take a Snapchat moment of my speech. Off to practice…
Love & Light,

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