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I am a Public Speaker: Faith is Taking the First Step Even When You Don’t See the Whole Staircase

It’s been a while since I’ve written on The Bomb Life! Why? The Bomb Life is BUSY! Last week alone, I’ve flown from New York to LA to New York to Atlanta and back again (yes, all the events below happened in one week in various cities).

The Bomb Life is fun–yes. But it can be exhausting, and it’s hard to do things like write and handle your business while you’re on a plane! The rest of this month is relatively calm, thankfully, and I’m gearing up to begin my monthly public speaking, whether at Convos with Claire events (save the date for Atlanta on June 15th!), or at various events around the world. Take a look at a few upcoming keynotes, panels, and hosting below:

DC on June 1st, RSVP to Krystle@midoristarmediagroup.com
I’ll be at a Glowgetter brunch June 29th in New York, RSVP to Bit.Ly/GlowGetterBrunch
Memphis in July, RSVP at YourPassionYourPurpose.eventbrite.com
I’ll be in Tulum in August. RSVP to LandOverLabels.com/Retreat
I’ll be in Detroit in October. RSVP to PoshandPopularsummit.com

For the first time, I am OWNING this new life. I spend less time updating Instagram, and more time on the road, whether hosting events or speaking about my journey. May is pretty quiet, so I’m using the time to meet with key people, relax, and also take speaking classes, whether at Toastmasters or with coaches.

Whatever you do in life, step out on Faith. GOD with catch you. And as the famous Martin Luther King said, “Faith is taking the first step without seeing the whole staircase.

I’m sure you guys have seen my posts about booking me for events! Ask and ye shall receive. And if you are not a born speaker or host, you can become that, with practice, patience, and determination.

I hope to see you at one of my events!

And if you’d like to book me to speak, host or moderate, I’ll be ready:)

Email bookclairesulmers@gmail.com.

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