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@FashionBombDaily ‘s Instagram is Temporarily Down After Most Highly Trafficked Week in History

“What would you do if your Instagram page disappeared tomorrow?” It’s a question most influencers who have built a business from social media shudder to think of. That happened to @FashionBombDaily last night, during our most highest trafficked week this year.

The team was like a machine, updating with content from the Met Gala, and then we ended the week with the cherry on top: a birthday editorial featuring Blac Chyna, an exclusive that would have welcomed even more visits. We had an ad to post at 3pm, so I hurried to upload 4 pictures of Chyna in a row. We posted the ad, and then suddenly FBD was down. I’ve been fielding calls, emails, DM’s, and texts from people either asking why they were blocked or why they can’t see FBD.

At any rate, I know this is only a bump in the road, not a brick wall, and @FashionBomBDaily ‘s IG is not going down without a fight. I am working hard behind the scenes to make sure it is restored in a timely fashion, and if it’s not, I hope you guys will help us fight in front of the scenes to make sure you are getting all the style you love!

At the very least, as an author, I know this will make for an amazing chapter in my new book! I am an optimist and know that what can look like a huge blow can become one’s biggest blessing. Live, learn, take your lumps, and keep going. We at FBD are not just fighters, we are winners. And we will not lose*.
Love & Light,

*While we figure this out, familiarize yourself with our Facebook Page and get all your updates over there.

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