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FashionBombDaily.com Is On (Temporary) Hiatus: Here’s Why

For the first time in 12 years, I have put FashionBombDaily.com on hiatus.

On January 1st, I woke up. And I didn’t feel like running to my laptop and updating with posts you had already seen on Instagram. Nor did I feel like begging anyone to do it in my stead. I needed a break. And I figured most people go to Instagram anyway, so I just redirected everyone there.

I have seen the numbers and the lack of comments on the site vs. IG and didn’t expect anyone to notice! But surprise: I’ve gotten quite a few questions via email and DM, so here I am.

I am using this time off to re-strategize and redesign. We’ve been wanting to give the site a facelift for quite a while now. We are moving more towards a magazine format and less of a blog format. We will be focusing on original content and interviews vs. the celeb looks you can find easily on IG. We will keep the good stuff and trim the fat. The Goal is to present you with a destination that is modern and easy to navigate with evergreen thought provoking articles and original works of art.

It’s been a bit difficult for me emotionally not having the site up. I feel guilty, as if I’ve let people down. It feels weird. But it’s also been liberating. I’ve been using this time to do me. Continue to write my book. Work out. Stick to a low carb diet. And plan for bigger and better things.

It was time to just pause, reposition, then come back with the heat. I promise, it will be worth the wait.
Keep an eye peeled for a reveal in February:)
Love & Light,

**In the meantime if you’re a GOOD writer (English major, English enthusiast), looking to conduct interviews and get it popping for one of the world’s most influential style blogs, please leave a comment or email me with your resume. I need a self starter with their finger on the pulse of what’s new, now, and next. Holla! Email me at claire@fashionbombdaily.com.
**On my last day in Miami, I wore a swim cover up by Laurel Dewitt.

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  • Ashley W

    I definitely was wondering what happened to the site. I thought it was just my stupid computer doing something wrong when I searched it! Ha. Good to hear that you guys are refocusing the strategy of the site and making it a different destination from your IG page. I really enjoyed seeing the different content. Good luck with everything!

  • isabellehappyfeet

    Hi Claire,
    This is wonderful that you willing to take the risk and step back for a better comeback. In a world where everything moves at light speeds, it’s bold to want to slow down, and I admire that.

    I noticed you mentioned as well to leave a comment below in case we want to write for you. I would be so glad to join your team. I write on nearly every subject of pop culture, through a social lens. I run a blog on body compassion called the Dear Body Project, I write on Medium.com (@bellahappyfeet) on anything from Queen Sugar Recaps, to Beyonce, to social justice. I also wrote briefly for Zuvaa Magazine, and had an article published on XONecole.

    I would love to join your team and participate in carrying your vision forward.

    I hope your break proves fruitful!

    Isabelle Masado.

  • Jeloi

    Hello Claire:
    Thanks for the information. I’m not on Instagram and had been trying to so to the site. Take your rest lady, and I will have to join Instagram or something.

  • Chas

    Hi, Claire! Thanks for the update. We appreciate you and the site… I look forward to the update. Rest well!!!

  • Monica N. Williams

    WOW. thanks for that. I was really wondering, thinking it was my job blocking it cause I’m on there everyday. lol. Do you sista. Looking forward to the upgrade. Love the site.

  • Hi, Claire! Thanks for the update. I’m a fellow blogger (https://blog.nicolewilliamspr.com), who went back to school and is wrapping up a communications degree. I’m throwing my hat in the ring as a writer/interviewer. Will also send a resume.

  • Edwina LaShan

    Hi Claire!
    This is Edwina of Edwina LaShan Fashion Blog! I was definitely stopping by because I couldn’t get the Fashion Bomb Daily site to pull up. We love you! I totally understand the break, I was just talking to a friend about the fact that people really just check out social media, its very rare for people to actually click on websites. Some people just want to take the easy route. In the end, I think websites are so worth it though. Blessings on the new content! Keep inspiring us! We would definitely love to be considered as contributing bloggers.
    Love and Blessings!
    -Edwina LaShan http://www.edwinalashan.com edwinalashan@gmail.com

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