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Dreams Do Come True: I Was On the Breakfast Club!

Hey Guys!
Apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve been living the Bomb Life!
On Friday, I stopped by Power 105.1’s the Breakfast Club to promote Cocktails with Claire, Fashion Bomb Daily, and The Bomb Life.

I am still pinching myself that I was on the popular radio show. I listen to 105.1 religiously (as soon as I get into an Uber, I ask the driver to turn the dial) and I listen to the Breakfast Club ALL THE TIME! Dj Envy, Charlamagne, and Angela Yee are a hilariously entertaining trio, and I have dreamed of going on there for quite some time. Things don’t happen on your time, they happen on GOD’s time, ok?!?

But um, I basically harassed poor Angela Yee for over a year, had friends send my book to Charlamagne and vouch for me…the list goes on, people. Anywho, finally I broke through.

I was honestly scared they’d be bored to death of me and shoo me from the room like the Sandman. Let’s face it…I am not surrounded by controversy, I don’t have a rapper boyfriend, I’m not on TV, I don’t have a hit single, I could come up with a million reasons I should not have been in that chair. But I was there. And instead of scratch my head or question it, I embraced it and thanked GOD for his blessings.

For the day, I wanted to do the most, but ya know…some boots I had ordered didn’t fit over my calves, so I had to go in another direction! It’s a morning show and it was cold, so I went for casual glam in a Duckie Confetti fur, Rayar Jeans, and Iylia booties.*

I anchored my look with a simple white tee and diamonds, darling!

All I can say to all of you guys out there: keep pushing. Never give up!

A year ago, being on the Breakfast Club seemed like an unattainable dream, but I kept going for it, and #Boom.

Life gets hard. This morning I was crying because I felt overwhelmed and pulled in every direction (I cry a lot, lol). If you ever feel down, wipe the snot from your nose, take a nap, and keep going.
Persistence pays off.
Love & Light,

*I’m wearing all black designers (except for my Zara tee).
**Images by Marta McAdams

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