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Claire’s Life: Met Gala After Partying at Up & Down with Diddy, Cassie, Ty Hunter, and Mary J Blige in a Striped Haus of Shea Jumpsuit

Happy Tuesday!
Last night, I put my down my cell phone for a few seconds after leading the team in robust Met Gala coverage to head out to some after parties. Up & Down is always the spot, so I popped down there with Ty Hunter and friends for a night of revelry!

The parties at Up & Down after the Met Gala are always full of bold faced names, and last night, I saw Pharrell Williams, Hailey Baldwin, Two Chainz, Nick Jonas, Jaden Smith, Zendaya, I mean the list goes on and on and on. It’s not really a place where you whip out your phone and Snapchat or take pictures of everything or with everyone, but I had to make an exception when I saw Diddy, Cassie, and Mary J Blige.

I am fans of and inspired by all three! And in Puff’s case, I had to make up for my New Year’s Eve Fear and just say hi!
At any rate, I decided to sparkle in a jumpsuit from one of my favorite brands, Shades of Shea (now Haus of Shea).

I’ve worn the brand tons of times, and what I love is that Shea always delivers unique ensembles that just fit!

I spent all day today filming a Met Gala recap, and this week promises to be a busy one. Here’s to conquering fear, and getting better and better each day.

Next Year, I pray I can find my way into the actual Met Gala. The Strategizing starts now…
Love & Light,

Images: @MrVocabTV

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