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Claire’s Life: Filming for ABC Wearing a Leopard YSL Coat from Saks Fur Salon + RSVP to Convos with Claire

I haven’t updated in two weeks! I’m sorry, I know, I know. The Bomb Life has been super busy, but things have started to settle down just a tad!

So this week, I am filming a feature for ABC 7! A kind producer who has followed me and FBD for quite some time decided to film me for a day in the life as I popped by a press preview at Giuseppe Zanotti, followed by a quick visit to Saks.

For the day, I wore a YSL calf hair coat from the Fur Salon at Saks, along with Louboutin heels! As I type, I’m getting ready to head up to their studios to film my sit down interview.

Can I be honest with y’all? When FBD was disabled almost 7 months ago, I thought it was over. Of course I stayed positive and kept my head up, but I thought that all I was, all that mattered to me, was gone. Since May, however, I’ve experienced so many career highs, from receiving awards to appearing on TV, and now this! It has shown me that while social media numbers are great, they aren’t everything! And of course sometimes GOD stops something to force us to shift gears and focus on something else. And that something else was me!

Change is hard. Transitions are hard. But they’re necessary if you want to grow and continue to #levelup ! At any rate, I’m going to plan my outfit and get on my way! I’ll be wearing animal print again in honor of our theme/dress code for Convos with Claire New York, which is going down on December 1st!

We’ll be chatting about careers and success with Duckie Confetti, Misa Hylton, and more!
Get your tickets here and stay tuned for the air date for my feature on ABC!
Love & Light,

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