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Press: Claire Sulmers in, In Style Magazine, and WWD + Upcoming Events in New York, Miami, and Charlotte!

Visit today to read a fabulous profile on our EIC Claire Sulmers! An Excerpt, “I had to remove my fear…Had I rested in that fear, so many new doors would have never opened for me. Whatever is on your heart is an assignment from God. If you have an idea, try it. Don’t be afraid of failure. Everything I do, even if I stumble at first, even if I’m scared, I get better at it. And eventually, it becomes a new opportunity.…

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The State of New York Fashion Week: Inclusivity, Fewer Celebs, and the Disappearance of the “Blogger”

In Fashion, there are trends. And there are classics. And while in past years, we’ve seen bloggers get their shine, and celebs cause frenzies on the front row, this Fashion Week was back to basics. The bloggers that were lauded only a mere few years ago were noticeably absent on the front rows this Fashion Week, replaced by Youtubers, Tik Tokers, and Beauty Influencers. The celebs who typically cause hysteria were ghost: This Fashion Week coincided with Oscars week in…

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On The Scene + Claire’s Life: Robert Ector’s Details Book Signing at Saks Fifth Avenue with Mary J Blige, Kim Blackwell, Jay Q the Legend, and More!

Over the weekend, celebrity photographer Robert Ectorheld a book signing for his new book, Details, at Saks 5th Avenue. Not familiar with Robert Ector? He is the go-to photographer for fashionistas and celebs like Marjorie Harvey, Lala Anthony, and Mary J Blige. Mary made an appearance to show her support. At the event, Mary shared that she never used to like pictures lensed by other photographers. She shared, “People would always come up to me and say I looked prettier in person.” She confessed…

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Claire’s Life: Harlem’s Fashion Row’s Prelude Event Honoring Misa Hylton, Dapper Dan, and April Walker!

Kobe Bryant’s untimely passing recently shocked the world--and reaffirmed what we already know: tomorrow is not promised. So, if you love and value someone, honor them while they are still here. It was that sentiment that prevailed at Harlem Fashion Row’s Prelude event, hosted by Brandice Daniel. For over a decade, Harlem’s Fashion Row has been working, consistently, to thrust a spotlight on designer’s of color. Last night, the organization threw a party, punctuated by original performances, celebrating the accomplishments of Misa Hylton, April Walker, and Dapper…

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Claire’s Life: Discovering Carol’s Daughter’s New Wash Day Delight Shampoo Infused with Aloe and Micellar Water

Happy Wednesday! Last Night, I popped by 31st street to celebrate Carol’s Daughter’s new Wash Day Delight Shampoo! We all know about wash day: It’s the day we take down whatever protective style we have (if we have one) and shampoo and deep condition our natural hair. Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price created a fresh smelling shampoo that makes wash day something to look forward to! The newwater-to-foam shampoo is infused with micellar water and aloe, “that effortlessly lathers and works…

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