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Bomb Life 101: Life is Unfair; Stay Strong and Roll with the Punches

Success is a mental game. Getting to the top isn’t easy. People don’t play nice or do the right thing. Life is unfair.
You have to be able to stay strong mentally and roll with the punches. If you get knocked down 9 times, get up 10.

I am a woman who grew up in the South, raised by parents who came to this country with close to nothing. My Haitian father couldn’t even speak English when he came here at age 7, and learned the language by singing love songs. My parents poured all of their energy into their children–sacrificed and worked hard, drove 45 minutes across town every day for years to make sure we were educated. And voila, two of their kids went to Harvard.

I graduated with honors from Harvard University and discovered this love for fashion, but was befuddled that every door to any elite media organization seemed to be closed. So after a few attempts to get a seat at the table, I created my own table. And then someone came and took my table away (temporarily).

I could claim defeat or I could claim victory. I claim victory.

I’m not gonna sit on my hands anymore and wait for people to do the right thing. If I have to start again, I will start again. Anything created by humans is flawed by the humans behind it. Just learn to forgive them, believe in GOD and Karma, and carry on.
What is meant for you will not pass by you. And I did not come this far or fight this hard to fail.
Love & Light,

*My skirt is now available on FashionBombDailyShop.com. One of the many positives of FBD IG being down for so long is that I’ve now begun focusing on projects that fell by the wayside, like E-Commerce. E-Commerce is a great way for us to diversify! Always diversify, and make sure that when you create your own table, you actually own that table. More on that later.
**Also, our ancestors battled slavery, police dogs, lynching and segregation. We are still dealing with the after effects! But our people are strong and we survive. I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors and call on their strength every day.

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