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5 Things I Do Every Morning To Set the Stage for Success

Starting your day off on the right foot sets the stage for success in life.
Behold, 5 things I do every day to get my day going:
1. Listen to or say an affirmation

In order for the world to believe you are the bomb, you have to believe it yourself, first! So I start off every day with an affirmation. A sample goes, “Claire Sulmers, meet Claire Sulmers. She’s a big thinker, so think big about everything. You have all you need to have all you want. You have plenty of ability to be the best, so be the best.” And on and on. I believe I found the affirmation in one of my favorite books, “The Magic of Thinking Big,” so decided to try it out for myself.

You don’t have to actually say it to yourself every morning! For me, I recorded my affirmation under ‘voice memos’ and just press play as soon as the alarm goes off. On days when I forget, I know it by heart, so I just say it to myself. Kicking off every day with a reminder of your ability, purpose, and goals, is the perfect way to set the stage for success.

2. Work Out

This year I finally learned that working out is not an option–it’s a necessity. In my field of work, you are judged by how you look. These are the breaks, children. But aside from the aesthetic benefits of working out, you also feel better, prolong your lifespan, and increase your energy.

I used to spend a mint on a trainer, but my hectic schedule just made it difficult (not to mention it was expensive). I now just do workouts via Youtube or do Shaun T T 25 fitness DVDs. Working out can be hard, and when I first started on my own, I’d do 15 minutes a day (i.e. the bare minimum). Now I do half an hour during the week and an hour on weekends. 5 days a week is fine. Below are some of my favorites (PopSugar has the best IMHO).

Thank me later.

3. Eat Breakfast

I’m not big on breakfast, but ya gotta eat. Sometimes I go hearty (eggs and turkey sausage), but most times I’m cool with fruit and yogurt. The acai bowls (above) are super bomb!

4. Meditate

Meditation was a new one for me, but I decided to give it a try after reading about loads of successful people doing the same (including Oprah, above). I always begin with training wheels, so found 15 minute meditations on Youtube and I’m now obsessed. Deepak Chopra is my favorite, and an obvious choice. He has a meditation course, and in it, he talks about being grateful, living lovingly, being carefree, being abundant. I just love him!

If I wake up early enough, I listen in the morning, but sometimes I listen to him at night. Like a soft lullaby, he puts me to sleep. I also listen to him whenever I feel anxious about anything. Deepak is the bomb!

5. Plan Out My Day

If you don’t have a goal you can’t score, and if you don’t plan, you’re just kinda hanging out, letting life happen to you. I love a good checklist. When I’m on top of things, I break down my day by timeframe (i.e. from 10-11, meditate, 11-12 answer emails, etc), but sometimes just writing down a list of items you must do and checking them off works as well. Before you open an email or turn on Instagram, plan your day.

And that does it!
How do you start your day?

Leaving you with Love & Light,

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